So today (5/17/98) I got really frustrated about how hard it is to find a good set of links to Pynchon info.
This page is born of that frustration.

PLEASE feel free to suggest more links, revisions to these, or ask me to remove your link.
I don't plan to add pages that merely mention Thomas Pynchon as their "favorite writer" or something.
Sorry this page is ugly; it is supposed to be functional.

Pynchon's work important to me. So is the Pynchon listserv, whose foalk give me great joy.
Thank you, TRP. Thanks, Pynchon-L.

(9/18/03)Wow, I moved this page to a new site after 5 years.
Let's hope everyone eventually finds its new home.
Next, to update the links. I've done a few, but boy are there ever a lot of broken ones still.
(06/25/06)Rainy sunday, some broken links fixed, added a couple links.
(06/27/06)I learned today that Pynchon may have a new book coming out in December!

Here's the order:

Cornerstone Links
Homepages about Pynchon

Essays about Pynchon Works and/or Pynchon

Reviews of Works

Places that love to Talk about Pynchon

News Articles

Quotes from Pynchon

Miscellaneous Links

Touched by a Pynchon?

Links to articles not in English

Cornerstone Links

These are the places that stay alive, in my experience--growing & changing.
The magic of wikis has come to TRP with the Pynchonwiki! Wow.
First, Founding, and Fantastic Pomona Pynchon Page Host of the Pynchon-L List serve
Tim Ware's excellent Hyperarts Web Guides to Pynchon's works
Andrew Dinn's essential Pynchon reference page, including a search engine for the list archives
Spermatikos Logos
The Pynchon Notes journal - legit AND fun!
Wikipedia on TRP

Homepages about Pynchon

The Pynchon Files
Alt.Culture's Pynchon Page
The Booksmith's Thomas Pynchon page: nice photos of the bookcovers, including old stories
The Curious Cat's page about Pynchon
The Pynchon News Service collection of Pynchon articles
A nice links page at the Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies, Japan. Some dead.
Paul P. Reuben's Pynchon bibliography

Essays About Pynchon Works and/or Pynchon

Please note that differentiating between Essays and Reviews is a hard job. Pretty much if the publication seemed untimely in terms of the publishing, I put it here, and elsewise called it a review.
The Henry Holt reader's guide to M&D
Stripping off the Layers:Evaluating Allegory in Thomas Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49
Brian Hale's Modernist Reading, Post-Moderntext:The Case of Gravity's Rainbow
Phil Gochenour's The History Written on the Body: Photography, History, and Memory in Thomas Pynchon's Vineland
Brian Nix's Social Conflict, Deviance and Power in Thomas Pynchonís Crying Of Lot 49 and Jack Kerouacís On The Road
Alex Edelman's Cultures of the Machine
Gravity's Rainbow & Mystery Science 3000 by Robert Pirani. Pictures!
Tracking Thomas Pynchon through space and time, John Yewell
Smoking Dope w/ TRP. This is from the Vineland Papers book.

Reviews of Works

Against the Day

Amazon links many of the basic reviews.

Mason & Dixon

David B. Livingstone's review of Mason & Dixon
Max Brenden's review of M&D "Undifferentiated Tissue" (very brightly backgrounded!)
Peter Keough's review of M&D
The Atlantic also likes Pynchon; and mentions him often. This is a review by Rick Moody of M&D
Steven E. Alford's review of M&D
Peter Schmidt's review of M&D with nice graphic toying with the cover "Line, Vortex, and Mound"
Metroactive's review by Bill Brazell of Mason & Dixon
A nicely-HTML'd "Shift" magazine has a review by Robert Lawrence on M&D, plus some Pynchon bio info
Cryptic Messages: A Review by Blake de Pastino


Mark Webster's review of Vineland: Vineland retains Pynchon's sense of the absurd

Places that Love to Talk about Pynchon

Suck.Com loves Pynchon.
The New York Times has many articles, but you have to get a logon, which I hate
Salon Magazine tends to nod to Pynchon a lot as well
The Cannon of the Pomo has plenty on him

News Articles about Pynchon Stuff

A specific Salon Article about Candida's letters, with good excerpts
A article on Pynchon (broken, but appropriately so. Heh.)
On the Lineland fiasco. Grump.
Lot 49 Stamps sale!

Quotes & Such from Pynchon Works

A great collection of material, including entire NYTimes articles and Mortality & Mercy in Vienna.
A Gravity's Rainbox excerpt: The English Candy Drill
Good Evening, Slothrop! A quote from Gravity's Rainbow:
Some Pynchon-related rant, a few links and the collection of Proverbs for Paranoids
A section on Veronica the Rat from V.
A beauty of an excerpt from Lot 49, with images of stamps!

Miscellaneous Links

Hyperbola; a hypercard Gravity's Rainbow stack.
Illustrated Gravity's Rainbow!
Some Things That "Happen" (More Or Less) In Gravity's Rainbow, a plot description by Michael Davitt Bell
A pretty Gravity's Rainbow related art piece, using the first line.
Some cutie's myspace chat about Gravity's Rainbow & Pynchon
FringeWare has some Pynchon-related NYC birthday party
Garison Keillor tortures cowboys with Pynchon on Prairie Home Companion
A band that calls themselves Lot49, and a related band called Yoyodyne
Trevor Neal's senior project on Pynchon-a description
Music by 24fps
A company named Tristero. Eek!
A mail program named Taxis. Eek again!
A group called Trystero, with post horns.
Music inspired by Gravity's Rainbow
One of the handful of Yoyodyne companies--electronic music
Yoyodyne, Inc., makes software.
This Yoyodyne programs, hardcore.
A Pynchon picture. hee.
Pretty pynchon-related bio
Pynchon-related album.
Band's like this Gravity's Rainbow really like Pynchon words.
A picture of Hendrik Witbooi
Languagehat has some great Pynchon threads
Amazon has 58 items that Mr. P wrote in some way. Get yer old short stories here!

Touched by a Pynchon?

The Wanda Tinasky Letters homepage
Jules' Lineland book. Take it for what it's worth.
A great sarcastic MTV review of Lotion & Pynchon
A very confusing New York Met's page, I think maybe they got a letter from Wanda or something.

Links to Articles Not In English

Pretty tacky to put these last, I know. Mainly I cannot read them so I don't know how to group them.


The Italian Pynchon page (in Italian)
A beautiful Lot 49 page in Italian


Something in German that has to do with V. and i dont know what else.
An article in German about how CNN got to talk to Pynchon on the phone once he realized they had video footage of him


Journey Into the Mind of Watts, with pictures, the article from the NYTimes by Pynchon..


Something In Romanian
Another article in Romanian


A Voice of America review of M&D in another language - Croatian?
"An analysis of Entropy by Thomas Pynchon" that begins with a Henry Adam's quote, by Sergej Kuznecov
This appears to be the same article as the next one, in a different character set.
I honestly dont know what language this is in. Russian?

Old, Broken Links

I'm going to keep old links around, as strange as that may seem. I think somone might be able to find material based on the link/context that would be useful, say, for a paper. For example, someone might track down the Tinasky letter to the Mets. For Pynchon, miscellania is not mania.
The Programme for International Pynchon Studies page.
FringeWare's doting page of links & Bio of pynchon
InfoNation's Charles A. Gimon calls Pynchon a "hero of cyberspace"
Review of Vineland: The Many Vines of Vineland, by Greg Pitter
Article about Pynchon's letters to Candida Donadio possibly being made public